Connect with integrity, imagination and purpose

We bring priorities to life through strategic advice and design, facilitation and conflict resolution 

Strategic advice and design

We create strategic frameworks and design innovations that are principled and practical.

Our expertise in learning, applied research and 'communities of practice' helps us to help you connect and cultivate ideas, practices and pathways.

We're used to working with different industry groups and organisational roles. We quickly get to grips with the challenges and characteristics that make each industry distinctive.

We can partner with you to better define challenges, explore their edges, and design innovative ways forward. This can include using co-design to harness the collective intelligence of stakeholders.

Examples of our work include:

frameworks to prioritise knowledge needs, grow insights capability, and make compelling business cases

expert guidance in workplace learning and assessment: systems, processes and practices

event and workshop facilitation to build strategy and alignment

prison-based education in life skills, addictions recovery and literacy

sustainable quality assurance systems in education

Conflict resolution services

We help people navigate and resolve the conflicts that have kept them stuck.

Facilitative mediation helps people build a bridge from their interests to fresh perspectives and a jointly agreed resolution. Conflict coaching builds skills to deal with the inevitable frictions in life and work.

Restorative practice takes even more of a learning stance for lasting change. It can address organisational culture and community-wide harm, restoring relationships and reputations, and establishing jointly-owned accountability structures into the future.

We're focused on asking the right questions and listening well. We'll work alongside you to choose the right tools for the situation and  tailor processes to meet your needs.

Examples of our work include:

schemes to address bullying and restore relations in non-profit communities

processes to develop resilience following critical incidents

tools to maximise teamwork and learning in apprenticeships and traineeships

one-to-one conflict management coaching

workshop design and facilitation

smart support for difficult conversations

Client feedback

"Karen is a skilled communicator and relationship builder, and she’s a pleasure to work with.

Karen's fresh thinking and leadership on a number of our projects has been really important for RANZCOG. It has supported us to consider multiple perspectives, form relationships with other organisations, and take innovative approaches."

Catherine Cooper, Head of Aotearoa New Zealand and Global Health, RANZCOG

"I thoroughly enjoyed working with Karen. Her expertise and insights were invaluable.

Karen put significant thinking into an approach that could help us. She crafted a framework to build our understanding, and strategic use, of research. It that gave us a great platform to work from, showing where and how we could best focus our attention. She evolved our thinking."

Kirsten Ralph, Manager: Strategy and Evaluation, Tertiary Education Commission

"Andrew’s wealth of practical and strategic experience in education is immensely valuable to us. As an independent advisor, Andrew has challenged us to reflect on existing practices and develop future strategies. He helped us define our place as both an education provider and industry membership organisation.

We value our longstanding relationship with Andrew, and can count on him to contribute to our critical thinking, regardless of project."

James Mead, Group Manager Education, Development & Delivery, Site Safe New Zealand Inc

"Karen brings a fresh perspective to complex issues. Her cross sector experience is invaluable. She co-designed restorative practice schemes and provided strategic advice for a number of our projects.

Karen has a person-centred approach, and brings warmth and humour to even the most difficult of topics."

Associate Professor Jane Bolitho, Chair of Te Ngāpara Centre for Restorative Practice, Te Herenga Waka - Victoria University of Wellington