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Mediation and restorative resolutions

Education strategy and design



Mediation and restorative resolutions

We work with people who want to:

reach a mutually-agreed resolution to a dispute

nip a conflict in the bud, or stop it escalating or spreading

hold onto, or mend, important relationships

re-set their team’s sense of purpose and connection

get better at having difficult conversations.

Mediation is a confidential, win-win approach to resolving disputes that meets the interests of both parties. You are supported to reach agreement through a structured process.

Restorative resolution is a safe and respectful process for addressing harm. It brings together those harmed and those responsible to explore what happened, the impact and  how to repair things. It is also useful for groups or teams needing a “re-set”.

We also design resolution schemes for organisations and offer conflict coaching to individuals.

The good news about mediation and restorative resolutions

It’s quick – you can often get an outcome in a few hours. Individuals can move on with their lives. Organisations can avoid drawn-out conflict that saps morale and productivity.

Everyone involved agrees to confidentiality so things stay private (unless otherwise agreed). 

Where relationships are ongoing, it allows people to take responsibility and rebuild trust.

You can resolve things in your own way, and in ways that are more creative than what courts can provide. 

We can work with your lawyer if you have, or need, one. Lawyers provide an important service and they can also be part of mediation.

Any agreement reached is more likely to be upheld because it’s your solution and been agreed, not imposed.

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Education strategy & design

We're used to working with different industries, and quickly getting to grips with the goals, challenges and characteristics that make your work and field distinctive.

We use expertise in learning systems, research and stakeholder communities to create solutions that are principled and  practical:

expert guidance in workplace learning and  assessment: practice, standards and systems

quality assurance system design

learning programme design

frameworks to prioritise needs, grow insights capability

industry and stakeholder engagement

research and analysis to make compelling business cases

Client feedback

"Karen is a skilled communicator and relationship builder, and she’s a pleasure to work with. Her fresh thinking and leadership, including designing and MC-ing Flourish Women+ Health Summit, has been really important for RANZCOG. She has supported us to consider multiple perspectives, form relationships with other organisations and take innovative approaches."

Catherine Cooper, Head of Aotearoa New Zealand and Global Health, RANZCOG

"I thoroughly enjoyed working with Karen. Her expertise and insights were invaluable. Karen crafted a framework to build our understanding and strategic use of research. It gave us a great platform to work from. She evolved our thinking."

Kirsten Ralph, Manager: Strategy and Evaluation, Tertiary Education Commission

"Andrew’s wealth of practical and strategic experience is immensely valuable to us. He has challenged us and helped us define our place as both an education provider and industry membership organisation. We can count on Andrew and look forward to working with him again."

James Mead, Group Manager Education, Development & Delivery, Site Safe New Zealand Inc

"Karen brings a fresh perspective to complex issues. Her cross sector experience is invaluable. Karen has co-designed restorative practice schemes and provided strategic advice for a number of projects. She has a person-centred approach, and brings warmth and humour to even the most difficult of topics."

Associate Professor Jane Bolitho, Chair of Te Ngāpara Centre for Restorative Practice,  Victoria University of Wellington

"Karen intervened courageously to help us resolve a serious situation. Staff respected her expertise, her willingness to have hard conversations and her ability to make every single person feel valued."

(General Manager, Not-for-profit organisation)