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It often takes just a few hours to resolve a dispute through mediation or a restorative process. Individuals can move on with their lives. Organisations can avoid drawn-out conflict that saps morale and productivity.

The approach to reach agreement can be tailored to your needs. It works for one-off disputes, harmful events, or as part of an ongoing remedy.

Reach a mutually-agreed resolution to a dispute

Nip a conflict in the bud, or stop it escalating or spreading

Hold onto, or mend, important relationships

Re-set a team's purpose or connections

Get better at having difficult conversations

Photo of Karen Vaughan

Kia ora and hello, I'm Karen Vaughan

I bring a unique background to conflict resolution work. I've had 25+ years in senior roles for education research, governance, ethics and facilitation across the education and health sectors.

My research focus on learning led me to diverse settings – e.g. army barracks, doctors’ consulting rooms, schools, construction sites and prisons – where I interviewed more than 1000 people about their lives and learning. These experiences have taught me a great deal about the way that contexts shape perspectives and relationships.

Currently I work with teams and boards, families and individuals from many different fields and walks of life - for mediation, restorative practice and conflict coaching. I mediate for the Employee Assistance Resolutions Service at Victoria University of Wellington, where I'm also a consultant, developing restorative practice courses and restorative engagement schemes for organisations.

I can help you identify your priorities and make your own decisions. And I can help you maximise learning opportunities to build longer-term skills for engaging with conflict.

Feedback from clients

Karen intervened courageously to help us resolve a situation that threatened our ability to deliver on a contract. Staff respected Karen's expertise, her willingness to have hard conversations and her ability to make each person feel uniquely valued. We learned heaps and saved our contract. 

General Manager, Non-Profit Organisation

Individual sessions with Karen helped me verbalise my concerns and understand where we had gotten stuck in turmoil. Karen's group sessions led us to new respect and engagement with each other. We are now doing really well, focused on our purpose and even becoming friends. I would recommend Karen to anyone wanting to unite a team through mediation.

Shelly Warwick, Local Government Councillor

Karen and I have worked together in conflict coaching, and co-mediating family disputes involving children. Karen has an amazing ability to connect with people from different backgrounds and cultures. She has a wealth of knowledge and supports people to gain a deeper understanding of the issues. Karen  also has an incredible capacity for listening, asking deep questions, and helping her clients to be more effective when dealing with conflict. I love working with Karen and have learnt a lot from her.

Sue Hurst, Sue Hurst Family Mediation

I had a work issue that was affecting my ability to think clearly. Working with Karen was really empowering. I learned to change my approach so I could deal effectively with the other person.

"Amy", conflict coaching client

As our conference MC, Karen's expertise was clear. She created an atmosphere of warm connection with everyone for three days. Dispute resolvers are a discerning audience when it comes to these skills. And Karen had us all in the palm of her hand from the outset."
Alysoun Boyle, Chair, National Mediation Conferences Ltd
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